Retrivo Anti-Theft Device - Your Best Protection Against Carnap
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Are you worried with Carnapping and Carjacking?

About Retrivo ATD

"The most reliable anticarnapping device in Metro Manila"

Retrivo ATD is an engine immobilizer: a passive anti-theft system that's always engaged, activates a timed engine shutoff that can not be disabled by hot-wiring. Retrivo is not an alarm but a device that makes your car undriveable after a set time. Like most immobilizers in the US, Europe and Australia, Retrivo ATD requires no extra effort from the owner. Retrivo is always engaged, and requires no batteries. Retrivo will not affect your new car’s warranty.

Prevent drive-away theft
At gunpoint, there’s no need to touch any panel or gadget, inside or outside your car. Just hand over the keys, get out, go to a safe place and let the antitheft system do the rest.

Retrivo ATD is compatible with all factory-installed or after-market alarms and even remote keyless entry systems.

Product Warranty
Retrivo ATD includes a 1-Year Automatic Replacement Warranty and requires no monthly fee or service fees.

To summarize, Retrivo ATD...

  • is an engine immobiliser, currently the most effective means of preventing drive-away theft
  • is always engaged, no extra effort for the car owner
  • requires no batteries
  • can not be disabled by hot-wiring guaranteed
  • includes a 1-Year Automatic Replacement Warranty
  • has No Monthly fee / No Yearly service fees

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